Sunday, July 1, 2007

what i've done

My name is Shanai Mayne and i live on a boat sailing around the world with my dad Ian Mayne. Now i am at saipan. This is our 5th stop in the Northern Marianas Island. I've made lots of friends here in saipan. I joined the BeautifyCNMI save club for two days and loved it, we went on a field trip to a brown jacuzzi (haha) or in other words the waste water treatment plant. In two days i learned a lot about the environmental things we do on land that affect the water. After these two days of environmental fun i knew a lot about different careers i can take in the future. Me and my classmates went on another fun trip to a small island called managaha. I had lots of fun with my new friends and we played beach volley ball... Thank you for listening, I'm a new young blogger student and i hope that i'll learn more about this website.